Guppy (Tanning Ledge)

Rectangular, Fiberglass Tanning Ledge / Kiddie Pool
9′ W x 11′ L x 12″ D

Guppy Ledge by Alaglas Pools

Kids of all ages will love the Guppy tanning ledge! This shallow, flat bottom ledge can be used as a splash pool for younger children or as a tanning ledge for some serious sunbathing. The compact size of 9’ by 11’ make it easy to install in most spaces. A 12-inch constant depth allows for playtime, wading and lounging.

With added bubblers and a spill-over, the Guppy turns your backyard pool area into a fun splash pad by day and a dramatic water feature by night!

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    Detailed Specs


    Exterior dimensions: 9′ (W) x 11′ (L)
    Interior dimensions: 8′ (W) x 10′ (L)
    Depth: 12″ (Flat Bottom)


    Product Highlights

    Tanning ledge that doubles as a kiddie pool/splash pad
    Rectangular design
    Flat, consistent depth of 12″ (or 1 foot)
    Can be retrofitted with bubblers and lighting
    Combines perfectly with any straight-edge Alaglas pool model



    Add-On Features

    Tile & Mosaics

    Ready to jump into your new pool?

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